Directory Listing

Our directory currently includes all Full-time Faculty and Staff.

Please note: neither Adjuncts nor Students are listed in this directory. To contact an adjunct for the current semester, please visit our Faculty website.

  • John M. McGowan
    Dir of BusinessEmpSkillsTrain
    The BEST Center

    Phone: 6299
    Location: Rm T113
  • Rachael L. McGrath
    Science Lab Technician PT
    Math and Science

    Phone: 6386
    Location: Rm D389
  • Brodie Q. McPherson
    Theater Technician
    Fine and Performing Arts

    Phone: 6618
    Location: Rm E111
  • Joseph D. Meacham
    Campus Security Officer, PT
    Campus Safety

    Phone: 6500
    Location: Rm B118
  • Kenneth J. Mead
    Professor, Math / CIS
    Math and Science

    Phone: 6381
    Location: Rm D395
  • Kathy A. Meloon
    Financial Records

    Phone: 6378
    Location: Rm G125
  • Tracy K. Merritt
    Assessment Specialist
    Institutional Research and Planning

    Phone: 6432
    Location: Rm B203
  • Anita M. Messura
    Director Impaired Drv Program-
    Albion Campus

    Phone: 4000
    Location: Albion Campus Center
  • Becky J. Michalak
    Student Success Coach
    Student Success

    Phone: 6471
    Location: Rm G113
  • Beth M. Miller
    Public Relations Assistant
    Marketing Communications

    Phone: 6173
    Location: Rm C218
  • Melissa M. Miller
    Nursing Lab Coordinator

    Phone: 6163
    Location: Rm 204A
  • Oliver C. Miller
    Instructor, Computer Info Sys
    Academic Computer Technology

    Phone: 6207
    Location: Rm D273
  • Paula J. Miller
    Dean of Students

    Phone: 345-6886
    Location: Rm C219
  • Elizabeth A. Mills
    Campus Safety Officer
    Campus Safety

    Phone: 6500
    Location: Rm B118
  • Adrian R. Milroy
    Staff Accountant
    Financial Records

    Phone: 6493
    Location: Rm C100
  • Alexandria E. Misiti
    Progrm Specialist Upward Bound
    Upward Bound

    Phone: 6602
    Location: Rm T116
  • Christina S. Mortellaro
    Academic Advisor, Upward Bound
    Upward Bound

    Phone: 6098
    Location: Rm B201
  • Kevin M. Moscicki
    Computer Services

    Phone: 6846
    Location: Rm D339
  • Crystal R. Murno
    Instructor of Nursing

    Phone: 6369
    Location: Rm 212E
  • James A. Myers
    Asst Professor, Human Services
    Human Service Careers & Education

    Phone: 6342
    Location: Rm B393