Directory Listing

Our directory currently includes all Full-time Faculty and Staff.

Please note: neither Adjuncts nor Students are listed in this directory. To contact an adjunct for the current semester, please visit our Faculty website.

  • Ebony N. Ross
    Admissions Specialist

    Phone: 6457
    Location: Rm G206
  • Jennifer L. Ross
    Student Resource Ctr Coordin
    Computer Services

    Phone: 6621
    Location: Rm T218
  • Kimberley A. Rozanski
    College Nurse
    Health Center

    Phone: 6835
    Location: Rm B109
  • Susan P. Ryan
    Enrollment Spec for Health/Nur

    Phone: 6128
    Location: Rm 212P
  • Christine E. Salzlein
    Testing Assistant PT
    Supportive Services

    Phone: 6354
    Location: Rm D217
  • Laurel T. Sanger
    Dir of Nursing/Assoc Professor

    Phone: 6372
    Location: Rm 212B
  • Joanna M. Santos
    Dir of Operations/Wyoming Ct
    Warsaw Campus

    Phone: 4123
    Location: Warsaw Campus Center
  • Jessica A. Scheuerman
    Reference Librarian

    Phone: 6419
    Location: Library
  • Kathleen M. Schiefen
    Provost/Exec VP for Academics
    Executive Vice President's Office

    Phone: 6529
    Location: Rm C226
  • Brittany L. Schmitt
    Teacher Asst.
    Child Care Center

    Phone: 6833
    Location: Child Care Center
  • Gail A. Schnabl
    Senior Clerk

    Phone: 6229
    Location: Rm G215C
  • Amy J. Schnettler-Zak
    Associate Professor of Nursing

    Phone: 6191
    Location: Rm 212F
  • Jamie M. Schultz
    Project Coordinator for CSTEP

    Phone: 6456
    Location: Rm D265
  • Ronald V. Schumacher
    Asst Professor, Eng M/S
    Math and Science

    Phone: 6303
    Location: Rm D391
  • Rosemarie M. Schunk
    Lab Tech Veterinary Tech Prog
    Vet Tech

    Phone: 6185
    Location: Rm D305
  • Kristen E. Schuth
    Director of Athletics

    Phone: 6239
    Location: Rm H204B
  • Paul A. Schwartz
    Asst Professor of Chemistry
    Math and Science

    Phone: 6391
    Location: Rm D377
  • Eric B. Scoles
    Computer Services

    Phone: 6331
    Location: Rm D345
  • Nelson G. Scott
    Campus Security Officer, PT
    Campus Safety

    Phone: 6500
    Location: Rm B116
  • Victoria C. Scott
    Open Door Adjunct Intern

    Phone: 6270
    Location: Humanities