Directory Listing

Our directory currently includes all Full-time Faculty and Staff.

Please note: neither Adjuncts nor Students are listed in this directory. To contact an adjunct for the current semester, please visit our Faculty website.

  • Diane M. Scroger
    Lead Teacher
    Child Care Center

    Phone: 6833
    Location: Child Care Center
  • Charles L. Scruggs
    Professor of History

    Phone: 6179
    Location: Rm B281
  • Michele A. Sformo
    Financial Operations Specialst
    Financial Records

    Phone: 6398
    Location: Rm C107
  • Gregory T. Sharpe
    Instructor/ Food Processing
    Math and Science

    Phone: 6157
    Location: Rm D355
  • Robert L. Sherman
    Student Athl Asst/Stud Achieve

    Phone: 6454
    Location: Rm H204D
  • Marilyn Sheron
    Advanced Studies

    Phone: 6445
    Location: Rm D309
  • Elizabeth M. Simmons
    Instructor, Librarian

    Phone: 6631
    Location: Rm D176
  • James J. Simon
    Associate Dean Medina/Albion
    Medina Campus

    Phone: 4180
    Location: Medina & Albion Campus Centers
  • David W. Sink
    Campus Center Associate
    Arcade Campus

    Phone: 4243
    Location: Arcade Campus Center
  • Jennifer L. Sisbarro
    Associate Professor of Music
    Fine Arts & Theater

    Phone: 6279
    Location: Rm E201
  • John T. Sisson
    External Affairs

    Phone: 3430163
    Location: College Village
  • Warren R. Skye
    Outreach Specialist
    EOC-Federal Grant

    Phone: 8137525
    Location: Albion Campus Center
  • Cheryl A. Slane
    Clerk-Typist, PT

    Phone: 6264
    Location: Rm G215C
  • Amy L. Slusser
    Professor Travel/Tourism
    Business Division

    Phone: 6332
    Location: Rm D297
  • Gary L. Smith
    Custodial, PT

    Phone: 6238
    Location: Rm A124
  • Daniel E. Snyder
    Instructor Speech & Comm

    Phone: 6311
    Location: Rm B255
  • Maureen L. Spindler
    Visual Communications Spec
    Marketing Communications

    Phone: 6844
    Location: Rm C225
  • Carrie E. Sputore
    Student Success Coach
    Student Success

    Phone: 6309
    Location: Rm G102
  • Rebecca A. Stack
    Custodial Worker

    Phone: 6238
    Location: Rm A124
  • Kelly S. Starchok
    Student Success Coach
    Student Success

    Phone: 6430
    Location: Rm G103