Directory Listing

Our directory currently includes all Full-time Faculty and Staff.

Please note: neither Adjuncts nor Students are listed in this directory. To contact an adjunct for the current semester, please visit our Faculty website.

  • Timothy P. Tomczak
    Dean, HCB
    Social Science

    Phone: 6296
    Location: Rm B377
  • Mary Alice Torba
    Project Director
    Title IV-Student Support Services

    Phone: 6341
    Location: Rm D206
  • JoNelle R. Toriseva
    Director / Assoc Professor

    Phone: 6627
    Location: Rm B279
  • Angela Tozer
    ACE Program Specialist
    Advanced Studies

    Phone: 6393
    Location: Rm D329
  • Matthew S. Troll
    Campus Center Associate
    Dansville Campus

    Phone: 4061
    Location: Dansville Campus Center
  • Katherine B. Trombley
    Director for AEOC
    EOC-Federal Grant

    Phone: 6285
    Location: Rm D214
  • Mary A. Tucker
    Clerk Typist, PT
    Dean Math/Sci & Career Ed

    Phone: 6186
    Location: Rm A334
  • Adrian Tyndell
    Casework Facilitator
    Liberty Life Grant

    Phone: 4014
    Location: Albion Campus Center
  • Candice S. Vacin
    Professor of Psychology
    Social Science

    Phone: 6295
    Location: Rm B375
  • Sara E. Vacin
    Student Activities Specialist
    Executive Vice President's Office

    Phone: 6478
    Location: Rm C228
  • Rebecca S. Valentine
    Casework Assistant
    Liberty Life Grant

    Phone: 4014
    Location: Albion Campus Center
  • Ann M. Valento
    Career Academics & ACE Prog Sp
    Advanced Studies

    Phone: 6316
    Location: Rm D329
  • Joseph I. Vanelli
    Custodial Worker

    Phone: 6238
    Location: Rm A124
  • Larry G. Vincent

    Phone: 6238
    Location: Rm A124
  • Michael H. von Schiller
    Asst Professor, HPE
    Health and Physical Education

    Phone: 6641
    Location: Rm H204G
  • Dawn M. Wahl

    Phone: 6238
    Location: Rm A124
  • Jennifer G. Wakefield
    External Affairs

    Phone: 6265
    Location: Rm C208
  • Tammy L. Walden
    Computer Services

    Phone: 6250
    Location: Rm D337
  • Jenny S. Weatherall
    Student Success Coach
    Student Success

    Phone: 6409
    Location: Rm G111
  • Gina M. Weaver
    Assoc Vice President of HR
    Human Resources Office

    Phone: 6514
    Location: Rm C110