Directory Listing

Our directory currently includes all Full-time Faculty and Staff.

Please note: neither Adjuncts nor Students are listed in this directory. To contact an adjunct for the current semester, please visit our Faculty website.

  • Andrew A. Crofts
    Asst Director of Athletics

    Phone: 6504
    Location: Rm H204D
  • Debra J. Crossett
    Dean Math/Sci & Career Ed

    Phone: 6338
    Location: Rm D259
  • Tina J. Curtis
    External Affairs

    Phone: 6336
    Location: Rm C202
  • Kristine R. Dassinger
    Asst Professor, English/Journ

    Phone: 6233
    Location: Rm B271
  • Timothy D. Davalos

    Phone: 6238
    Location: Rm A124
  • Rebecca J. Day
    Upward Bound Progrm Specialist
    Upward Bound

    Phone: 6897
    Location: B201
  • Leandro B. De Andrade Pereira
    Admissions Advisor

    Phone: 6215
    Location: Rm G205
  • Cindy M. Delmar
    Computer Services

    Phone: 6364
    Location: Rm D314A
  • Lisa A. Dermody
    Clerk-Typist, PT
    Student Success

    Phone: 6888
    Location: HUB
  • Ryeder S. Dilcher
    Custodial Worker

    Phone: 6238
    Location: Rm A124
  • Samuel V. DiSalvo
    Student Advisor Upward Bound
    Upward Bound

    Phone: 6096
    Location: B201
  • Kaileigh E. Domster
    Student Activities Assistant
    Student Activities

    Phone: 6261
    Location: Rm S118
  • Michael R. Donalty
    Campus Safety Coor/Peace Off
    Campus Safety

    Phone: 6839
    Location: Rm B116
  • Tara M. Donohue
    Language Lab Coordinator

    Phone: 6470
    Location: Rm A312
  • Lauren M. Donovan
    Student Activities

    Phone: 6517
    Location: Rm S115
  • James A. Donsbach
    Director of Grants Services
    Grants Development

    Phone: 6442
    Location: Rm B201
  • Donald J. Doran
    Custodial Worker PT

    Phone: 6238
    Location: Rm A124
  • Maureen E. Dugan
    Professor, Ceramics / 3D
    Fine Arts & Theater

    Phone: 6287
    Location: Rm E201
  • Nicholas J. Dunn
    Custodial Worker

    Phone: 6238
    Location: Rm A124
  • Stephanie L. Durfee
    Instructor of Nursing

    Phone: 6355
    Location: Rm 212J