Directory Listing

Our directory currently includes all Full-time Faculty and Staff.

Please note: neither Adjuncts nor Students are listed in this directory. To contact an adjunct for the current semester, please visit our Faculty website.

  • Cynthia S. Hagelberger
    Assoc Professor, Librarian

    Phone: 6231
    Location: Rm D158
  • Ashley L. Hankins

    Phone: 6350
    Location: Circulation Desk - Library
  • Kristen L. Hargrave
    Assistant Registrar

    Phone: 6230
    Location: Rm G213
  • Joshua Harloff
    Building Maintenance Worker

    Phone: 6407
    Location: Maintenance Dept
  • Kaitlyn T. Harloff
    ACE Program Specialist
    Advanced Studies

    Phone: 6009
    Location: Rm D327
  • Karen E. Hart
    Student Success Associate
    Student Success

    Phone: 6608
    Location: HUB
  • Kari A. Heidemann
    Instructor, Human Services
    Human Service Careers & Education

    Phone: 6305
    Location: Rm B369
  • Stephanie A. Hendrickson
    Physical Plant Office

    Phone: 6824
    Location: Rm B106
  • Randal J. Henning
    Campus Security Officer, PT
    Campus Safety

    Phone: 6500
    Location: Rm B118
  • Rebecca D. Herlan
    Assistant Professor of Nursing

    Phone: 6368
    Location: Rm 212D
  • Jessica L. Hibbard
    Assoc. Dean Library/Academic

    Phone: 6256
    Location: Rm D166
  • Larry L. Hinz

    Phone: 6238
    Location: Rm A124
  • Timothy F. Hinz
    Assoc Professor, CIS
    Academic Computer Technology

    Phone: 6333
    Location: Rm D299
  • Sandy J. Hofert
    Financial Records Control Cler
    Financial Records

    Phone: 6508
    Location: Rm G127
  • Brenda D. Hoffman-Case
    Campus Security Officer
    Campus Safety

    Phone: 6500
    Location: Rm B118
  • Patty A. Hume
    Executive Secretary External A
    External Affairs

    Phone: 6234
    Location: Rm C212
  • Matthew R. Hunt
    Computer Services

    Phone: 6263
    Location: Rm D315
  • Marie Iglesias-Cardinale
    Professor of English
    English & Communication Skills

    Phone: 6275
    Location: Rm B297
  • Bruce D. Ingersoll
    Associate Professor Vet Tech
    Vet Tech

    Phone: 6489
    Location: Rm B203
  • Tika R. Isaacs
    Campus Center Associate
    Warsaw Campus

    Phone: 4124
    Location: Rm The HUB