Directory Listing

Our directory currently includes all Full-time Faculty and Staff.

Please note: neither Adjuncts nor Students are listed in this directory. To contact an adjunct for the current semester, please visit our Faculty website.

  • Larry L. Hinz

    Phone: 6238
    Location: Rm A124
  • Timothy F. Hinz
    Assoc Professor, CIS
    Academic Computer Technology

    Phone: 6333
    Location: Rm D299
  • Sandra J. Hofert
    Financial Records Control Cler
    Financial Records

    Phone: 6508
    Location: Rm G127
  • Daniel C. Hoffman
    Building Maintenance Mechanic

    Phone: 6407
    Location: Rm A104
  • Brenda D. Hoffman-Case
    Campus Security Officer
    Campus Safety

    Phone: 6500
    Location: Rm B116
  • Jodi L. Hokenson
    Arcade Campus

    Phone: 4242
    Location: Arcade Campus Center
  • Patricia A. Hume
    Executive Secretary External A
    External Affairs

    Phone: 6234
    Location: Rm C212
  • Matthew R. Hunt
    Computer Services

    Phone: 6263
    Location: Rm D315
  • Marie Iglesias-Cardinale
    Professor of English
    English & Communication Skills

    Phone: 6275
    Location: Rm B297
  • Bruce D. Ingersoll
    Associate Professor Vet Tech
    Vet Tech

    Phone: 6489
    Location: Rm D319
  • Lori J. Ivison
    Marketing Communications

    Phone: 6116
    Location: Rm C212
  • Julie A. Jackson-Coe
    Assoc Professor, Reading
    English & Communication Skills

    Phone: 6302
    Location: Rm B387
  • David W. Johnson
    Assistant Professor of Biology
    Math and Science

    Phone: 6379
    Location: Rm D377
  • Justin M. Johnston
    VP of Development& Ext Affairs
    External Affairs

    Phone: 6534
    Location: Rm C243
  • Heather S. Jones
    Professor Fine Arts
    Fine and Performing Arts

    Phone: 6448
    Location: Rm E201
  • Kamilla Kabel
    Enrollment Spec Intl Admsn

    Phone: 6269
    Location: Rm G111
  • Maryjane Kane
    Dean of Students

    Phone: 3430163
    Location: Village Hall
  • Josephine B. Kearney
    Asst Professor, Soc/Human Svcs
    Humanities, Languages & Media Arts

    Phone: 6344
    Location: Rm B363
  • Laura J. Keenan
    Testing Assistant/PT

    Phone: 6354
    Location: Rm D217
  • Christopher L. Kemp
    Director / Assoc Professor
    Math and Science

    Phone: 6392
    Location: Rm D363