Directory Listing

Our directory currently includes all Full-time Faculty and Staff.

Please note: neither Adjuncts nor Students are listed in this directory. To contact an adjunct for the current semester, please visit our Faculty website.

  • Chelsea M. O'Brien
    Tutor & Academic Support Coord

    Phone: 6204
    Location: Rm D209
  • Jessica R. Olin
    Director of Library Services

    Phone: 6256
    Location: Rm D166
  • Levi T. Olsen
    Director of Bldgs and Grounds
    Physical Plant Office

    Phone: 6205
    Location: Rm B102
  • Laurie L. Oltramari
    Clerk-Typist, PT
    Dean Math/Sci & Career Ed

    Phone: 6337
    Location: Rm D271
  • Paula M. Oyler
    Campus Center Associate
    Dansville Campus

    Phone: 4061
    Location: Dansville Campus Center
  • Edvardo R. Pabros
    Institutional Research Assoc
    Institutional Research and Planning

    Phone: 6325
    Location: Rm B203
  • Nancy L. Pabros
    Instructional Designer
    Dean of Distributed Learning

    Phone: 6112
    Location: Rm T134
  • Lauren K. Paisley
    Professor of Business
    Business Division

    Phone: 6147
    Location: Rm D277
  • Barbara J. Pangrazio
    Child Care Center

    Phone: 6833
    Location: Child Care Center
  • Lisa E. Papke
    Financial Aid Specialist
    Financial Aid Office

    Phone: 6480
    Location: Rm G119
  • Crystal M. Parmele
    Instructor of Nursing

    Phone: 6367
    Location: Rm 212I
  • Rebecca S. Patterson
    Financial Aid Office

    Phone: 6220
    Location: Rm G215A
  • Anna T. Paxhia
    Science Lab Technician
    Math and Science

    Phone: 6386
    Location: Rm D389
  • Laura A. Peck
    Senior Library Clerk

    Phone: 6412
    Location: Rm D169
  • Michelle A. Peck

    Phone: 6246
    Location: Rm H204
  • Ivan Pereira
    Dean of Students

    Phone: 8139262
    Location: Village Hall
  • Debra A. Perkowski
    Secretary, PT
    Medina Campus

    Phone: 4180
    Location: Medina Campus Center
  • Michael C. Perry
    TV Production Technician

    Phone: 6109
    Location: Rm T136
  • Steven J. Petty

    Phone: 6246
    Location: Rm H204
  • Doneen R. Pfalzer
    Data Entry Machine Operator

    Phone: 6637
    Location: Rm G215B